Why Sardar VallabhBhai Patel is Known as IRONMAN of INDIA?

Why Sardar VallabhBhai Patel is Known as IRONMAN of INDIA?

sardar vallabh bhai patel
Sardar VallabhBhai Patel the first Deputy PM and Home minister of the Independent India was a real asset of the Indian History born on 31 October 1875 in Nadiad, Gujarat is the personality who brought together the 565 small-states (Rajwade) to combine and form single United Nation i.e. India under single Flag. When Jammu-Kashmir, Hyderabad and Junagarh were opposing the law of getting united to form single nation, on request of Jawahar Lal Nehru; Sardar VallabhBhai Patel handled the situation and as a result  we have Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic and Republic India in front of us. He handled the entire tough tasks before and after the Independence of India to integrate the whole country in terms of Defense, Communication and Foreign policies and due to these contributions he got awarded by Mahatma Gandhi as “Iron-Man of India”. So, let’s get into the brief description of the qualities that makes him Ironman   

1) Prudent: Sardar VallabhBhai Patel was a visionary person who always takes care of all the incidents that can or could affect the national or political policies. Even in one incident on his discussion with Jawahar Lal Nehru he already warned about facing China in future.  

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

2) Efficient strategist: He was a lawyer and a skilled politician, so he always gets prepared to face the situations and to handle with their strategic ideology shown by him in period before independence as a rising leader by uniting huge number of people against the British Govt.  

Sardar VallabhBhai Patel

3) Skilled and Tough Decision Maker: His decisions were always in favor of nation and people and always took stand for his correct decisions with exact facts whether he was getting opposed or not by the people and other leaders.

First Deputy PM of India

4) Rude and rough: We all know he was a tough speaker too, because according to him if we are correct and on truth’s side then there is no need to afraid of anything and should never feel fear to express. This quality of Patel made Junagarh’s King escape from Junagarh and acquired Junagarh in India.

Sardar VallabhBhai Patel

5) Effective Leader: He was a great leader who always took care of people under his supervision; according to an incident under his leadership as Farmer Leader he protested the 30% taxes receiving rule and reduced it to 6% that shows how much effective he was among people.

Sardar Patel

6) Hard-Liner: He always uses his veto power if finds that the policy or any decision is not in favor or would create integrity issues, stood clear with his facts even if others are disagree with him.

First Home Minister of India

7) Overachiever: Great leaderSardar VallabhBhai Patel has given his entire life for the nation as a real hero; there are many Institutions, Trusts and Places in India to pay tribute to the Ironman of India and PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the National Unity Day on 31 October 2014 and the Statue of Unity on 31 October 2018 in Guajarat, representing that Sardar Patel achieved the heart of every Indian people by his work that makes him an Overachiever.

Statue of Unity


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