Why Ravan was more Intelligent than Ram?

Why Ravan was more Intelligent than Ram?

Dasshanan or the Ravan, was the personality who is deemed to be a devilish character by people, due to just his one mistake of capturing a woman(Sita) but apart from this scene if we travel through his lifespan there are a lot of things that we must learn from him. He was was a great independent decision maker even though he was a Devil-sage with multiple of good and bad qualities; Shree Rama was familiar that Ravan is more skilled, knowledgeable and intelligent than him and as a result when Ravan was at the end of his life he gave lessons as his last words to Laxman that further helped him in his life; So, it depends on us what we choose to put in ourselves from his life because his lifecycle gives us many lessons. And, here we are going to take some good qualities of Dasshanan that could really help us in our life to focus on our goals without any fear.

1) Intellectuality: As a Brahmman(Sage), Dasshanan was an adept in all the 4 Vedas (RigVeda, YajurVeda, SamaVeda and AtharVeda), more knowledgeable the Shree Rama and with a huge grasping power, even Lord Shree Ram appreciated his knowledge like no any other Brahmman.

Intelligent Ravan

2) Determination: He was determined towards his goals and never gave up whether it requires any amount of hard-work as well as positive attitude towards his target whatever he wills to achieve.

Determined Ravan

3) Caretaker of Family: He was a real caretaker of his family and always stood in front of the problems that came to his family and even he was too knowledgeable that he let the family members die with the hands of God only to ensure their good afterlife period.

Good Ravan

4) Proficient King: Ravan was a skillful king who always took great care of his people and there were no poor people in his state and people of Lanka were too happy with their king with no any grudge in their mind for him as well as he managed his ministry and treasuries. 

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5) Great Devotee of Lord Shiva: He was a great Devotee of Lord Shiva that even when Ravan was in Jail for a Decade, he was uttering name of Shiva only and by seeing his devotion Lord Shiva sent Parshuram to free Ravan from prison of Kartavirya Sahashrabahu Arjuna.

Ravan and Shiv

6) Fearless of failure: He was fearless of anything, that’s the most useful quality for everyone as it helps us to take risks in life. Dasshanan due to this quality never afraid to fight with anyone or to acquire anything, any goal; that’s a great mantra of success in today’s life.

fearless Ravan

7) Far-sighted: Ravan was prudent person because he always used to be updated with the technologies of next decades from his time in fields of weapons, aircrafts, defense system, buildings & sculptures. That made him to design the world’s beautiful place of his time.

Ravan Qualities

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