Aromatherapy: Benefits, Anxiety relief and helpful in Migraine

Aromatherapy: Benefits, Anxiety relief and helpful in Migraine

Aroma thearpy
In today’s advanced lifestyle we have forgot the ancient science and moving towards modernization, even if we are feeling any sickness furthermost prefers to visit an allopathic Doctor, then after his treatment and medication we gets recovered and passing few days again gets affected with the same problem, again same procedure we follows for treatment but finds similar result and sickness won’t get cure exactly. But with the help of Ayurveda we can cure many of the diseases by roots and there are many methods in the vast Ayurveda science. Aromatherapy is one of the best therapy Ayurveda has given, that even is more helpful in modern world and many are getting positive responses getting treated with this method, so, let’s talk about the therapy and see what are the qualitative benefits of it:
Aroma thearapy

1) Pain Relief: Aromatic oil is used to massage on back and limbs for relieving pain that even feels us fresh.

body pain

2) Improvement in sleeping issues: Aromatherapy’s massage, bath, diffusion techniques helps our body to take a proper relax and increases sleeping efficiency.

sleeping aroma

3) Anxiety relief: Psycho-Aromatherapy makes mind relaxed and makes feels good like we feels after a proper meditation.

anxiety aroma

4) Better treatment for the migraine: For migraine like head-issues, the aromatic oil head massage and aromatic ayurvedic plant, burning incense stick application methods are really a boon to cure migraine.


5) Improves digestion: Lemon extract oils used for curing ulcers, acidity, gas due to its citric effect that helps in proper digestion

improve digestion

6) Fight against all kind of bacteria: The essence of extracted oil from plants, flowers, fruits, leaves have therapeutic agents that contains antibacterial, antibiotic and antivirus properties. And these oils are used in Aromatherapy.


7) Brain Injury’s cure: The oil extracted from Sandalwood, Cedar wood and Vetiver contains the quality of increasing oxygen to brain that helps in recovering brain injuries.


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