The 7 things to know about Donald J Trump

The 7 things to know about Donald J Trump

Donald J Trump
The president of America, Donald Trump is the person with bold, fearless, confident and courageous behavior who is always clear with his priorities in every decision in any situation. Also he is good businessman having quite better financial understandings that leads him towards many successes followed by some failures also that he managed very intellectually. As President of USA, he is performing his duties well with all concerns keeping in mind regarding his country’s all internal & external affairs leading towards the national progress and suffering with COVID19 too with first lady and we wish their recovery as soon as possible. Let’s visit the life of this personality in a brief:

1. Personal : Donald John Trump was born on 14th June 1946, in New York City, U.S. and received his Degree in Economics from Wharton School. He married thrice in his life and the current first lady is Melania Trump.

Donald J Trump's wife

2. Proffessional: He is the personality having hands in various businesses in which many of his ventures are successful while some were failed too and with his understanding he is managing all his companies efficiently.

Donald J Trump

3. Businesses: The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, Mar-a-lago estate, Trump Tower in Manhattan, Trump Ruffin Towers Las Vegas, The Hotel Old Post Office and 17 Golf resorts are some of his successful businesses while his failed businesses were Trump Airlines, Trump’s Casinos, Trump Model Management, Trump Entrepreneur Initiatives, Trump Ice natural spring water and Trump Steaks.

Donald J Trump Business

4. Presidential Period: After getting elected as 45th President of USA on 9th November 2016, he strengthen relations with various nations, dauntless decisions on terrorism and worked on enhancing American’s employment in US and empowering country’s economy as his major steps.  

Donald Trump oath ceremony

5. Social Media Life: Donald J Trump is more active on social media platform to approach/interact directly with public; majorly he used to utilize twitter than any other social media app which is quite fast and more over he is with 87 million followers on it.   

Donald J Trump on twitter

6. Female Controversies: Affair with Stormy Daniels in 2006 revealed in 2011, till 2017 near-about 24 women accused sexual activity against Donald Trump and from media its been heard as improper behavior with female reporters at various press conferences by him.

Donald J Trump's affair

7. Bold Steps: For National Security purpose he temporarily banned  Muslim immigration from 7 countries, issued Nationality to be as the first priority for employee’s selection in every employment sector to boost the degradation of unemployment in USA.

Donald Trump speech

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