The 7 UPDATES of PUBG Mobile Global version, season 15

The 7 UPDATES of PUBG Mobile Global version, season 15

Greetings of the day Gentle-person, the PUBG Mobile has released its season 15 official version with all new updates of weapons, spawns, graphics and geographical area with new appearance or can say our favorite ERANGLE map has been renovated. I know many of the people are finding it as an issue to update their PUBG Mobile game after the disappearance of PUBG App from Playstore, for them here is a glance about the new visuals of PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.0.

1) The Lobby Interface:
In the PUBG Lobby now you are going to interact with the new user experience showing your profile and on sliding fingers left & right you can switch to lobby and profile. Start button is now shifted left-downward and the profile icon on top left and in right now you can see your tier and stats.

PUBG Player Profile

Also you will observe an emote performing by default if having a pistol in hand while standing in Lobby. Even the Loading icon also has been changed from a running level 3 geared soldier to a hexagonal drop box.

PUBG Lobby

2) DBS Gun:
Now you guys will find the DBS Gun (SHOTGUN used to be find in Drop boxes only in old seasons) as Spawn but is rarely available. Everyone knows that the DBS is the 2nd ranked higher damaging weapon among all shotguns and all scopes can be attach on it except 8x scope.

DBS now out of the drop box

3) Thompson SMG:
The Thompson SMG or Tommy gun is now available with a scope attachment upgrade that is with Red Dot or Holographic sights. Means, now we can attach either Holographic or Red-dot sight along with a vertical foregrip that makes it really more stable.

The all new Updated Tommy Gun

4) The Sosnovka Military Base:
The Military base is totally renovated now with new broken Tower, base station office premise, the C buildings and nearby building with all new punchy colors as well as the flags decoration.

5) The School :
The school also has been changed from outside and inside and will going to see flag decoration here too. The below picture will show you the new school premise with new painted walls and changes in buildings.

The New School

6) The Spawn damaged vehicles:
PUBG Mobile also has changed and added new damaged spawn vehicles to gave a new experience to players as well as created a war based military like area you can see near Pochinki when move towards Barn houses. You will find the all new damaged Tank that comes while we fire flare out of white circle zone.

7) The Gemstone Towers:
In season 15 PUBG has added new Gemstone Towers in various locations of Erangle map that provides Level 2 and Level 3 gears with guns and attachments, while you redeems the reward. Just click on “Reward” then tower will get activated and you will get reward but won’t if not charged or can say already used by someone.

The Gemstone tower to collect rewards as Level 2 & 3 Gears

So, these were the new updates PUBG has done which are found more comfortable in spotting the enemy due to its new punchy color effects whether it’s Pochinki, Rozhok, Yasnaya, Georgopol or anywhere. Also recoils and performance of various guns we’ll find has been changed or can say improved like M762, UMP45 etc. stability & damage has been increased and on other hand will find some changes in sensitivity of Camera, Gun etc. after update.

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