How to Reduce fat in some simple easy steps

How to Reduce fat in some simple easy steps

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Reducing fat, a very common word but necessary in terms of body fitness and always a bigger concern to people now a days because of their increasing fat & body weight; whose major cause is non-other than junk food. Then people tries out multiple activities like gyming, yoga, physical exercises, Zumba activity etc. as well as many of the people ask questions to Google regarding losing their belly fat and loosing tummy. This shows people’s fear towards their increasing belly or tummy because many of them feels it like to be body shamed in front of others, mostly against the opposite gender. Here we will provide some easy solutions for your fat related problems with a small portion of time affecting your daily routine but resulting in good results. No need to panic as in addition to help you guys here we provide very common exercises and diet that if followed properly will work definitely and will show its results soon.

1)Walking and Running: Regularly start walking and running combinely at least for 2KM that works on lower muscles, thigh muscles, lower abdomen and side abdomen. Try to convert the combined walking and running pattern slowly to a proper running pattern of 2KM, this will help in loosing tummy.

2)Cycling: Regular cycling of at least 4 to 5 KM will help in developing lower abdominal portion of belly and pushes thigh muscles to stretchen and tighten as well as it works on building abs by pressurizing core and that helps in loosing belly fat as well as loss of weight.

3)Jumping and Skipping: Jumping with spreading and joining back pattern of legs also termed as jumping  jack  till 3 to 4 minutes a day along with at least 350 skips of rope jumping. This helps in building lower abs, burning high amount of calories, lower leg muscles and shoulders to reduce belly fat and will give you flat stomach.

4)Plank: In plank you have to lie on ground keeping your elbows down spreaded, toe should be straight, face in front upward and the whole body posture should be in one line. You must perform this plank’s posture for 2 minutes within 2 or 3 partitions. Plank is considered to be the most calories burning physical activity if did properly and it works for the full body muscles, abs, limbs etc. that even will show you as a result in loss of fat in a week but would be minimal to get more tummy fat lose need to continue till you find the observable results.

5)Crunches: The 3-4 sets of crunches with 15 reps per set every day could help to build the lower abdomen,  development of core and burning huge amount of calories. The crunches need to be performed by keeping hips on base and shrinking  legs towards chest supporting body with hands that will make you side and core abs more tight and will start burning the fat of belly/stomach.


6)Squats and sit-ups: The three set of squat’s with 15 reps could be performed and three sets of sit-ups with 15 reps could be performed and these 2 physical exercises helps in building core muscles and abs. It works on the core by breaking the muscles and then redevelop that helps in making core muscles more tight; ultimately burns belly fat.


7)Push-ups: Try to make at least 30 to 50 push-ups daily with slowly progress if not possible initially to complete in single set, the sets can be completed within 4 to 5 parts or as much suitably you can find to achieve the 50 reps completion. Push-ups makes your shoulder muscles stronger, works on abs, side abdomen, triceps and the upper cardiac. Also a good exercise to burn a good amount of calories from the body.

Along with these physical activities you must follow  some basic diet tips too that is you have to consume food item providing more amount of protein, and less amount of carbohydrates and calories. Need to avoid eating oily and junk foods, minimize the consumption of amount of rice, potatoes,  spices, increase eating green salad and sprouts and should take proper diet in proper time like whatever amount of diet you are taking in morning, take less than that in lunch and lesser than lunch in dinner.

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