How to earn Money Online?

How to earn Money Online?


Making money is nowadays getting better with multiple options and even now people are earning money from various sources. Opportunities for making money are everywhere just the need is to find the way and to put a good effort in getting them. But there are many people who want a source of income but still are not aware of the directions, sources, options, right platform to show their talent as well as to earn income from them. Even the people as well as industries are getting technologically so advanced that the work/job can be done from home itself without going/reporting to the offices. Technology has given a various options to report, work, schedule, roster maintenance, HR work, and coordinate etc. from home. Even Jobs are also nowadays available in online market that we can fetch the opportunities and can grab them even either permanently or temporarily depends on us and no one would be there to stand on our head and even we can earn good income too. The market is now gone online for maximum number of things, so as job also, for the online jobs we can set our targets according to ourselves, we can set the deadlines according to us and we can set our income target too and can achieve them without much pressure. So, the topic is going to direct the people about how to earn money online; how to earn via work from home. In this topic we will cover all the aspects and the processes, sources to earn money online from home. People are much knowledgeable and can serve many of the companies by working from home itself and the industries and companies are also hiring people for remote support and work from home after the pandemic situation made all of us to stay quarantined to our homes and self-locked with no jobs in hand. Below are some of the jobs/methods that can help us to get an income via work from home.

1) Freelancer: If you are thinking how to make money online from home then this the first option we can choose that we can become a freelancer, the person who works as per the project but isn’t hired by a company and is independent of reporting and all the official duties of an office. Freelancer can make a bid in market via various online platforms according to his skills. There are multiple of websites that provide works as projects and raises payment after the completion of projects to freelancer’s account. Just the thing is to bid correctly with the amount/charges that can attract and can catch the eyes of employer (person providing project). The websites for freelancing are “,,,,, etc.” in similar manner there are more websites for freelancer is there in the market to get projects. In every site you might have to register and have to pay some amount so that you can bid on projects and then you can start working.


2) YouTube: YouTube is an another platform for people thinking how to earn money online from home or searching work from home that can help us to earn income if we are having some different kind of talent or anything that can help or can catch a number of people to increase visit on your account. ‘Google AdSense’ a facility by Google that pays people for showing Ads on videos. For this first we have to create a channel on You-tube, then we have to upload our content videos and then we have to connect our You-tube channel to Google AdSense account that can easily be created. Now after  the approval from Google AdSense if the numbers of views are more on your videos the Google will start showing Ads on our videos and then we will get paid as per its charge for showing Ads to per person to your Google AdSense account and you can withdraw from there.

3) Blogging website: Like opening a You-tube channel the blogging website is also a similar kind of idea to work from home to earn money online. In this we have to either create our own website and can publish our blogs to that website and similar to You-tube Channel here also we have to connect our website’s account to Google AdSense account and on traffic of public to the post will increase the chances to earn more and more because of the Ads Google shows in our blog pages. Or one more thing we can do is, can become a content-writer and can sell our blogs to other blogging website or can be hired for some blogging activities and here we are free to charge according to ourselves.

4) Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing or in simple manner we can say that it’s the method of making commission money from market. In Affiliate marketing we can get the projects from the companies to advertise their products in market and can earn commission on selling each product. We have to deal with the people either by call or by meeting face to face to sell our products. Here person have to use their talent of communication skills and can earn amount depends on the performance. As well as “MEESHO” is also option and people can sell their products in market with Meesho which is an application and website, in doing so, we can earn good income or can say it’s the another good way to earn money from home and even beginners can also make money from this.


5) Online Tutorial/Coaching: Work from home has made us capable of working from home. We can start online coaching classes or online video tutorials or tutorial videos to our website or can be on YouTube. We can earn money by teaching students online and for that we can use various meeting for video conferencing apps or website like Zoom meeting, Google meeting, Emo Video Calls, Whatsapp video calls or we can also go live on You-tube/Facebook. Or we can work for some coaching/institutes also as after lockdown’s situations they are also hiring people who can teach online.

6) Tele-callers (Amazon & Flip-kart): Amazon & Flip-kart like companies are hiring nowadays telecallers who are capable to speak in English and regional languages. The people with good communication skills and confidence to tackle/handle issues of the customers politely can easily crack the simple introductory interview of Amazon & Flip-kart and can work from home only. The companies like these providing jobs as work from home and paying good salaries without any bounds and stresses; so that, employee can work freely and can help in developing good working culture. For this company provide a setup at home only. These are the amazon work from home jobs.

7) Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is also good method of earning. To earn or make online from digital marketing we must have knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). These are the techniques of increasing the traffic of certain website or any channel via multiple modes of creating links, sharing links and social media posts. The companies and website owners hires people for SEO and SMO on project, contractual or permanent basis as per their requirement to increase the traffic so that they can earn money from Ads. Here we can charge according to our techniques and our capabilities to gather traffic for the customer and if we have created a good reputation in market regarding SEO and SMO then can even get the mouth-demanded money.

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