In various forms Maa Durga protected us from Dangerous Asuras

In various forms Maa Durga protected us from Dangerous Asuras

Happy Navratri
Maa Durga is the violent form of Goddess Parvati, who is wife of Lord Shiva. Maa Durga incarnates to establish the good over the evil to maintain religion, prosperity and peace in world. On talking about her various forms or incarnations, we must have knowledge of her popular 9 forms named: Shailputri, Brahmachari, Chandraghanta, Skandmata, Kushmanda, Katyayni, Kaalraatri, MahaGauri & SiddhiDatri, that we guys used to worship on Navratris. Durga Mata had protected the world from the most dangerous and powerful Asuras that even tridev fails to handle, for which sometimes she took her most violent form Mahakali  or Bhawani or sometimes in same Durga form only, due to her super powers. Let’s discuss about the most dangerous demons she destructed.
Happy Navaratri

1)Mahisasur: Mahisasur was a demon buffalo with gigantic powers and was able to change his body structure in  any form that he want and was leading towards destruction of the 3 world, when all  the gods were finding it difficult to stop him then Maa Durga came to kill him and with the help of her vehicle “a Lion” she protected the world from him.

Mahisasur Vinashini

2)Dhumralochan: Dhumralochan was a also a demon king who came to marry Maa Durga forcefully to acquire the 3 worlds, but his mistake of doing so, lead him towards death by Maa Durga and he got converted to ash as he wasn’t even able to bear the energy of Maa Durga’s powerful roar.

Maa Devi killed Dhumralochan

3)Raktbeejh: Raktabeejh, the Asura with the power of generating more asuras if his blood comes in contact with land wherever. He also came to win the whole 3 worlds with his evil power and Gods were finding it tough to kill infinite amry of demons due to Raktabeejh’s blood. So, on prayer of Gods, Maa Durga took form of MahaKaali and by cutting this demon’s all body parts mainly his limbs and Head took the whole blood in a bowl and she drank after killing him to avoid contact of his blood from land.

4)Chand: Chand was the powerful Asura(Demon) with enormous amount of power and was at great position with his brother in the army of Demon Shumbh, they both went to bring the Maa Durga forcefully to Demon King Shumbh but in form of Devi Chamunda, Maa Durga cut off the head of both the demons.


5) Muund: Muund, the brother of Chand was rich with the evil powers and was in the army of Demon Shumbh, he went with his brother Chand to bring the Maa Durga forcibly to Demon King Shumbh but Devi Chamunda defeated and killed him with his brother.

Ma Durga

6)Shumbh: Shumbh was also with huge amount of energy and was thinking himself as most powerful around the world, trying to capture Maa Durga forcefully to marry her as he heard of her drastic powers but wasn’t aware that Maa Durga the mother of Universe, most powerful in Whole Universe. He and his brother got killed by Maa Durga in battle.

Shumbh Nishumbh

7)Nishumbh: Nishumbh, the elder brother of Demon Shumbh, was fighting against Maa Durga and he joined with his brother Shumbh to kill Maa Durga. Maa Durga was fighting as single against this duo (both brothers) and she cut off both the heads in battle.    

Shumbh Nishumbh

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