Do you know? That Lord Shiva destroyed the dynasty of Lord Vishnu

Do you know? That Lord Shiva destroyed the dynasty of Lord Vishnu

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According to the Hindu religion there are a numerous of gods and goddesses in the heaven but the 3 Major Lords are TRIDEV named as Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and among these three Lord Shiva has great value and importance. Lord Brahma is the creator of Universe, Lord Vishnu is Preserver and Lord Mahadev(Shiva) is destroyer that’s why he is having individual duties. Lord Shiva has many names like Mahadev, Mahakal, Shambhu, Shankar, Bholenath etc. There are too many shrines of Lord Shiva called Shivalaya but among all of them 12 Jyotirlings are with major importance. Lord Shiva has 19 incarnations and from all of them we will discuss about his incarnation named ‘Vrushabh’ because in this form he destroyed the whole lineage of Lord Vishnu. Let’s know the reason behind this.

We all know that churning of ocean (Samudra-Manthan) was a great and memorable event happened according to the history of Hindu religion between Lords and Demons, and the purpose of churning was to gain the ‘nectar of immortality’ (Amrita);as it originated demons captured the nectar and took it to the hell(Patal-Lok). To save the pitcher of Nectar from demons Lord Vishnu created a lot of fairies to draw the demon’s attention to the fairies instead of nectar, but demons kidnapped fairies along with nectar.

At that time Lord Vishnu on request of other gods to save nectar from demons incarnated as a gorgeous angel named Mohini to cheat demons and then took the nectar-pot and distributed the nectar among all the gods and made them immortal. All demons got angered because of the deception and attacked the heaven but they failed to defeat the gods due to the nectar consumption and gods vanquished the war. During the end of the war, to save their lives some of the asura’s and demons escaped to hell and were trying hide.

To kill them Lord Vishnu went to hell following them and after destruction of demons he freed all the angels imprisoned there. All the angels were feeling a strong attraction towards Lord ShriHari Vishnuand then angels requested to live together with Lord Vishnu as a boon from Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv accepted their wish and ordered Lord Vishnu to live together with angels in same place (hell) by giving halt to all your duties and activities.

As per Lord Shiva’s order Lord Vishnu started living in hell and with the passage of time angels received some sons, but the sons that angels received were of evil tendencies. Due to their evil tendencies and nature the Lord Vishnu’s sons begun to spread disturbances in the Tri-worlds (Teenolok) and because of their torture all the gods started escaping and went to complain Lord Shiv. All the victim gods prayed and requested to Lord Shiva to make the world free from those evil/demon sons of Lord Vishnu.

On request of gods Lord Shiv in order to free the world from evil’s torture started his journey towards the destruction of evil sons of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiv incarnated in form of VRUSHABH (Taurus) and killed all the evil sons. On the other hand after their death Lord Vishnu got angered and attacked Vrushabh but was finding it difficult and failed to harm Vrushabh.

After the incident all the angels free Lord Vishnu from their boon and then Lord Vishnu realized the situation and started praying to Lord Shiva then went back to his place Baikunth-Dham. At the time of leaving hell Lord Vishnu left his most powerful weapon SUDARSHAN-CHAKRA there only to make the balance of the world.

In the midway to Baikunth-DhamLord Shiva as a boon gifted Lord Vishnu a new SUDARSHAN-CHAKRA. This is the one incredible story from various stories of Lord Shiva in which he saved the world and heaven from by destroying the evil dynasty of Lord Vishnu in form of Vrushabh.


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