Do You Know where AB Devilliers proposed his Girlfriend ?

Do You Know where AB Devilliers proposed his Girlfriend ?

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers is one of the most  destructive Batsman in the history of Cricket. Not only batsman he is a great fielder & wicketkeeper also . He was born on 17 February 1984(36 year) in Bella -Bella South Africa.  His popular names by which people used to call him are  “Abbas” ,”Mr. 360″,”Superman of Cricket “. AB de Villiers  once received a national medal from the South African President Nelson Mandela for a Science project in his childhood. De Villiers  proposed her  girlfriend for marriage in front of the Taj Mahal  after five year of relationship between them. Some of the interesting facts about Mr. 360 are :
Ab Devilliers wife

1. First Test Duck : After successful 78 innings in test cricket he was got out on “0” while playing against Bangladesh which was his 79th inning. And this is the world record in Test Match Era.

ab De Villiers

2. Fastest Century in ODI: In 2015 he played absolutely rocking innings, in that match he scored 100 runs in just 31 ball against West Indies, also he scored 150 in just 44 ball that created the history of that game-play.

ab devilliers

3. Favorite Book : In a recent interview, he mentioned that his favorite book is Holy Bible.

ab de villiers

4. Test Match Glory : He is the only wicketkeeper-batsman who has a record of 10 dismissal behind the stumps and he also scored century in single test match against Pakistan which is a phenomenal record.

Ab Devilliers

5. IPL  Glory : In his IPL career he has received 23 man of the match awards, which is the highest ever in the history of IPL

ab de villiers

6. Hidden Art : AB is also a good singer, even he owns a band which is situated in South Africa.

7. Sports Skills : He is also a multi-sports player, other than cricket he used to play badminton, tennis and  swimming also and represented in school and national levels.

ab devillers

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