The 7 ways to escape cold within 2 days

The 7 ways to escape cold within 2 days

You  can try several ways to escape the cold. Some people  drinks hot basil tea and some chews garlic, but these are all normal measures. There are some remedies that you may have never heard before  and the tips that may sound strange, but are very effective. So the next time  if you ever a victim of cold (we would like it not to be so), you can try these remedies.

Here are  the ways

1.Roasted Onion:  You should roast  onion for 5- 10 min in the Pan. After sometime have it  with  your regular food time twice  a day and you will  feel  quite  relief .

2. Betel leaves :  A Lot of people don’t know how betel is also good for cold , so what  we have to do ? Take a leaf of betel and mix it well with honey and eat it just before you going to  bed.

3. Saltwater Gargle :  Take a glass of water and boil it. Add 1/2 tablespoon of salt and then mix it well and gargle, this practice will give you relief in throat.

4.  Wet Socks: Wet socks can help you to overcome the cold. Put hot water in a tub, dip your feet in it. Then dip a pair of socks in cold water. Wear those socks by rinsing -off water. After that, wear a pair of thick socks over those wet socks. Wet socks will work to increase blood flow to the feet.

5. Ammi copticum (Ajwain):Take  1tsp of celery(ajwain) and roast it using  pan, then tie it in a  cloth bag. Smell it  2-3 times in a day , your cold will disappear.

6.  Steam : Take water in a vessel and heat it. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in steam twice or thrice   a day, your will get relief.

7.  Garlic :  Garlic can help you in fighting from cold.  Take 4-5 raw pieces of garlic and crush or grind them in a mixer. Smelling its oil or juice can help you in preventing cold/flu.

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