7 Popular temples of Lord Ganesh,with their google map coordinates

7 Popular temples of Lord Ganesh,with their google map coordinates

Greetings of the day gentle-person, everyone is familiar with the Lord Ganesha or Ganpati or Vakratunda or Vinayaka or Lambodara etc. and many names there are we used to call him. He is also used to be called as PrathamPujya means the one who gets worshipped first before initiating anything like work/day/job/business so that everything goes smooth with his blessings that also gives positive energy to face every kind of circumstances even if it’s critical and if you are fighting for a good thing Lord Ganesha’s blessings are always there to help you out of it, that’s why he is also named as Vighnaharta.
So, let’s memorize him once again and can have a visit to him with your family, friends and relatives, enjoy your vacations by meeting Shree Ganesha on his various places keeping devotion in mind. Here we are introduces you about the LORD GANESHA”s 7 popular temples that you may visit along with the Google Map coordinates that will help you to reach right places just by copy and pasting the numerical codes directly to your Google map search bar
1. Khajrana Ganesh Mandir  (22.731163 , 75.908259)

The Ganesha’s sculpture was found in the water-well which is inside the temple only situated exact in front of Ganesha’s place. The well in now decorated and is covered with iron ribs.

Khajrana Ganesh
2. Shri Chintaman Ganesh Mandir, Ujjain  (23.146716 , 75.739110)

As per the people’s faith that so ever comes in this temple with respect and devotion in their mind for Lord Ganesha, gets free from all the worries, sadness and anxiety.

chintaman ganesh
3. Siddhi Vinayak , Prabhadevi,  Mumbai (19.016815, 72.830260)

SiddhiVinayakGanesha is famous for completing wishes of people keeps faith in him and also gets intellects of positivity with prosperity. Lord Ganesha is the ideal of health, wealth, happiness and intellectuality.

4. Shreemant Dagduseth Ganpati, Pune (18.516405, 73.856100)

The thought coming in your mind after reading name of this famous temple of Lord Ganesha is correct, yes the person named Dagduseth was very rich and from his profession he was a halwaii(sweet-mart seller) and obeying his Master-priest, he got the magnificent Lord Ganesha temple constructed for devotees.

5. Moti Doongri Ganesh Mandir, Jaipur (26.894641, 75.816701)

Motidoongri is also got constructed by a seth(richman) of Jaipur for divotees and as per the people it is believed that whosoever buys a new vehicle comes to the temple to get the vehicle blessed and this avoids accidents. As well as any celebration in homes if there, then Lord Ganesha invited first with invitation card at this temple.

6. Kanipakam VinayakMandir, Chittoor,  Andhra Pradesh (13.277820, 79.033442)

KanipakamGaneshaMandir is the famous temple where you find the Lord Ganesha’s sculpture with quite different fashion as black colored with 3 white strips on forehead and a holy water pond(Koond) with four side edges with stairs. People come to take bath in this pond as to get pure before worshipping Lord Ganesha as a regular ritual. People visit from distinct places to get blessed by deity and to thanks them for the things they have been given by God.

7. Trinetra Ganesh Mandir, Ranthambore ( 26.017456, 76.453226)

This Famous Temple got constructed by the King Hammeer after his war with Aallah-uddinkhilji (the famous ancient Mughal emporer) and is a great attraction of tourist comes to Rajasthan,India near SawaiMadhopur. It is to be said that Lord Ganesha with 3 eyes was discovered by King Hammeer on a wall of cave available before the establishment of the temple, then he got the sculpture furnished with his artists and now it’s the famous temple where devotees comes to share their worries to Lord Ganesha and gets rid of it as per their believes.

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