Suffering with Acidity? now not a big issue

Suffering with Acidity? now not a big issue

Acidity curing
Today’s running life is full of joy, entertainment, hang-out with friends and the major part of today’s entertainment is food or we can say junk-food or in other words the tastier spicy food items that our tongue likes more than the taste of home food. And now here is the point where we eat a lot of junk food till our stomach fulls, that easily causes acidity. But this is not the only cause, there are many common causes of acidity like over-dieting, over-eating, mismatch in every-day’s food timing, mismatch in food quantity of each day etc. and to make ourselves recovered here are few remedies to cure acidity.

1) Carom seeds with lemon:  Take 1 tsp of lemon extract with ¼ tsp of Carom seeds, mix it well and lick it from spoon, this will help you cure gas of stomach early and effectively.

Carom seed for Acidity & cough

2) Ginger with Rock salt (sendha namak):   With the extract of ginger add baked cumin with pinch of rock-salt; now mix it well and have it to treat the acidity.

Ginger for acidity

3) Sugar cane with lemon: Take a glass of sugarcane mixed with lemon extract then add rock-salt to it according to the taste and have it 2\twice a day to end the acidity problem.

Acidity cure

4) Anise tea: We can prepare and drink tea adding anise to it and it’s also an effective way of avoiding acidity.

Acidity and cough treatment

5) Gooseberry juice: Gooseberry in Ayurveda is found satisfactorily suitable and preferable most in cases of stomach issues, we can eat Gooseberries in case of acidity also or we can have tablets of gooseberries too from market.

Gooseberry to cure acidity

6) Banana juice: Banana eating is another remedy of it as Banana is good for boosting immune system and this fruit also energizes the power of digestion system. Either we should take 2 bananas or a glass of Banana juice.

Acidity treatment using banana

7) Cold Milk with water: Take ½ glass of cold milk add water in same proportion, this solution will help to cure acidity.

Acidity treatment

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