How to overcome cough at home?

How to overcome cough at home?

Cough Treatment
In Today’s fast paced life we find ourselves not looking after our health and this carelessness causes us weakening of our immune system, after getting immune system affected we could suffer usually from many diseases like cold, cough, fever, body pain, headache etc. where cough is the major issue with body that takes a lot of time to recover and we face respiratory infections too. So, let’s discuss about some home remedies to cure the cough:

1) Licorice (mulethi): Mash the Licorice till powder and take 2 spoon of the powder with honey while going to sleep also avoid drinking water for next 8 hrs atleast.

Mulethi for cough

2) Gooseberry(aanvla): Gooseberries are rich with Vitamin C, that makes our immune system strong. Add gooseberry to the regular diet.

Gooseberry to cure acidity

3) Ginger (adrak): Take 1 piece of ginger, squeeze juice out of it and have it thrice a day , you will feel quite relax.

Ginger for cough

4) Black pepper( kali mirchi): Suck some Black-peppers three or four times daily; it will lower down the effect of infection in throat and will make the throat clean, don’t chew or swallow it.

Black pepper

5) Salt-water gargle: Take a glass of water and boil it. Add 1/2 tablespoon of salt and then mix it well and gargle, this practice will give you relief in throat.

Salt water Gargle

6)  Carom seed (ajvain) : Take some Carom seeds on pan, bake it, mix it with distilled water and boil it for some time. Filter the water with sieve and drink it, you will feel quite relax.

Carom seed for Acidity & cough

7) Mustard seed (sarso ke beez):  Take some mustard seeds in a cup filled with hot water, let the mixture cool and have it twice or thrice a day.

mustard helpful in cough curing

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