7 Haunted Places in Rajasthan you must avoid

7 Haunted Places in Rajasthan you must avoid

7 hounted places

RAJASTHAN “the land of Kings” is a state known for its ancient buildings, gigantic forts, camels and beautiful palaces is a desired tourist destination. Abode to some of the most haunted places in India, Rajasthan’s history gives way to a lot of terrifying tales of horror which can scare us to the core. Here is a list of top 7 haunted place in Rajasthan.

1.Bhangarh fort: Bhangarh fort is considered to be one of the top most haunted place in India. Located between Jaipur and Alwar, Bhangarh fort was made in 1613 by King Madho Singh. While several myths floating around it is believed that Bhangarh fort was cursed by a tantric who wanted to marry the princess ‘Ratnawati’. To win her love, tantric tried to use love potion on her. After knowing his evil intention Rajkumari Ratnawati threw the potion onto a boulder which crushed tantric. While dying tantric cursed the fort that no one would be able to live here. Many peoples have insisted to hear tantric shouting, sound of bangles, woman screaming.

Bhangarh, Rajasthan haunted Place
Bhangarh the haunted place of Rajasthan in India

2.Kuldhara Village: Kuladhara village is located 35km from Jaisalmer which has been deserted since 1825 for a curse that cannot be removed. Paliwal brahmins used to live in Kuldhara. The mischiveous Diwan of Jaisalmer known for his crooked tax collecting method wanted to marry daughter of village head forcefully. In order to protect her, all the villagers left the village altogether one black night, leaving behind an eternal curse that no one could ever live in this village. Strange sounds, footprints on sand and shadows are detailed by the people who had been there.


3.Rana Kumbha Palace: Rana Kumbha palace of Chittorgarh is one of the scariest place in Rajasthan. It is famous for its dark passages and secret chambers. The palace used to be the residence of Rani Padmavati. History says that when the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khalji assaulted this place, Rani Padmavati performed the Jauhar(self-immolation) along with 700 female to honour the bravery of their men. Since then many people heard the cries of women and many have confessed seeing a lady in royal outfit with burnt face asking for help.


4.BrijRaj Bhawan Palace: BrijRaj Bhawan palace, the royal mansion of Kota is now a heritage hotel has a dark history. It is believed that the palace is haunted by the spirit of an English Major, Charles Burton. History says that during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, Major Barton who was an employee of East India Company was killed with his family by Indian militants at BrijRaj Bhawan. The locals says that the ghost of Major Burton still roams the premises. People says that the ghost of burton has a habit of slapping security guards if they fall asleep in duty hours.


5.Jagatpura: Jagatpura is a populous area in Jaipur is believed to be haunted. The King of this area was narcissistic and greedy. Multiple people cursed him while dying of hunger. Normally a quite place, turns out to be ghostly when the sun goes down. Locals have also reported a lady in white saree roaming and frizzling. Jagatpura can also be termed as home of witches.


6.Chand Baori: Chand Baori one of the largest stepwell in the world is located in Abhaneri near Jaipur. A structure with 3500 steps and 13 stories was built overnight by Djinn ! The locals also believe that due to the curse of the Djinn it is impossible to climb through the same steps you used to get down. Some even claim that it is unable to walk over from the same steps twice.


7.Nahargarh Fort: Nahargarh Fort is located at the edge of Aravalli hills, offering a extensive view of the Pink city Jaipur. The fort was built by Sawai Raja Man Singh in 1734. There are many stories exist about the Nahargarh Fort. The most articulate story is that the Raja Man Singh was so passionate about this fort that even after his death the Fort is still haunted by his ghost. It is also believed that Nahar Singh Bhomia who constructed the Nahargarh Fort still guards the place even after his passing.

nahargarh. Fort

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