7 Effective ways to travel risk free in COVID-19 pandemic situation

7 Effective ways to travel risk free in COVID-19 pandemic situation

You all know that COVID-19 is spreading enormously among us, still we are with neither any medicine nor vaccine. There’s only way to avoid this, is awareness about safety measures, If you to have travel regarding work , then here are the 7 ways to deal with the situation while travelling :

1.  Maintain Social  Distance :  Maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much possible to prevent other and yourself of the virus.

Social Distancing to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus - Together
Social Distancing

2. Seat Sanitization : You  should sanitize/disinfect your seat before use, whenever you are travelling using any mode either air, bus or train. 

Here's how to kill the coronavirus in your car
Cleaning Seat with disinfectant to kill germs

3. Face Mask: You must wear a 2-layered or 3-layered cloth mask  instead of using N-95 mask always, if having breathing problem.

Earloop Face Masks - 100% Cotton - 3-Layer with Filter Pocket - Reusable
A comfortable Layer 3 Mask

4.  Window Seat: While travelling, we must try to take an openable window seat if possible, so, that we can breathe in fresh air as well as to make the risk of  infection low.

Breathe in fresh air

5. Don’t Use Rest Room: While you travels need to remember in your mind to not use the public toilets, until it’s very necessary.

Need to avoid if not hygiene

6.  Avoid Outside’s Food: One thing we must always remember to not take the food from outside, always try to take food from home only and if it’s necessary , then have food from hygienic, cleaned and sanitized place only where workers are fully geared with gloves and mask.

Outside food must be avoided in this Pandemic

7. Carry Handwash/Sanitizer and Gloves : Always carry a handwash(Liquid soap) with you to wash your hands only if you are having issue like not possible to use handwash then use Sanitizer, else must avoid excessive utilization of Sanitizer because it’s overuse is harmful for skin. Also Don’t forget to wear Hand Gloves.

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