7 Basic Fitness Tips to keep yourself healthy

7 Basic Fitness Tips to keep yourself healthy

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Fitness is a basic necessity of our body that makes the immune system healthier to fight from the various seasonal diseases, symptoms, sickness, weakness etc. and all these depends on the diet and the body exercises we used to perform to keep ourselves active. As the winter and autumn seasons arrives our body starts suffering basic symptoms like sneezing, cough, cold and sometimes fevers, if our immune system fails to fight or adapt in it; that usually affects our routine activities. In order to prevent ourselves we must try to take a proper and balanced diet with some basic physical exercises that needs to be added to our daily routine and might would take almost 1 hour. So, here are some of the morning activities that can be carried out to keep our body healthy and fit:

1) Cycling: We should ride bicycle for around 6-8 KM a day, it works on our abdominal and limb muscles.

Fitness tips

2)Running: 1-2 KM of daily running with variable speed as per the comfort, to burn the calories of body.

Fitness Tips

3)Rope-Skipping: At least 300 to 400 times skipping of rope via jumping can make our limb muscles strong.

Fitness tips; Skipping

4)Surya-Namaskar (Sun Salutation): Follow the simple steps of Surya-Namaskar in 12 easy steps shown in the picture below and practice it in daily life for at least 5 minutes.

Suryanamaskar; Fitness tips

5)Squats: Squats are beneficial for thigh and belly(core) muscles and even helps to minimize the fat of the body, squat-jumps adds additional benefits when done at least for 5 minutes.

Squats; Fitness tips

6)Pushups: We should do at least 50 Pushups and can be extended to more when become habitual of it. Try to increase pushups gradually day by day if started newly, then at least 10/day.

Fitness tips

7)Burpees: Burpees covers major portions of our body-muscles and easy to perform; we should perform this for atleast 5 minutes.

Fitness tips; Burpee

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