Aromatherapy: Benefits, Anxiety relief and helpful in Migraine

Aroma thearpy

In today’s advanced lifestyle we have forgot the ancient science and moving towards modernization, even if we are feeling any sickness furthermost prefers to visit an allopathic Doctor, then after his treatment and medication we gets recovered and passing few days again gets affected with the same problem, again same procedure we follows for treatment … Read more

Do You Know where AB Devilliers proposed his Girlfriend ?

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers is one of the most  destructive Batsman in the history of Cricket. Not only batsman he is a great fielder & wicketkeeper also . He was born on 17 February 1984(36 year) in Bella -Bella South Africa.  His popular names by which people used to call him are  “Abbas” ,”Mr. 360″,”Superman of Cricket “. … Read more

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